Our team

Expert care in the air

Highly trained medical and inflight teams

One of the things that sets Capital Air Ambulance apart from other air ambulance operators is the calibre of our team.

Founded in 1991, the Capital Air Ambulance medical team is led by Dr Terry Martin, Associate Professor of Intensive Care Medicine and Anaesthesia, who has a background in emergency medicine, aerospace medicine and pre-hospital medical care. The multilingual team is comprised of experienced doctors and nurses from the specialties of adult intensive care and acute/emergency medicine, paediatrics, neonatal intensive care and psychiatry.

Our pilots and operations staff are available at short notice 24/7 and will also liaise with medical staff caring for the patient at both ends of the journey.

The high standards of care provided in every case handled by Capital Air Ambulance is representative of the work done by its Medical Director, who holds an honorary position with the industry regulator (EURAMI - the European Aeromedical Institute). Dr Martin is the Chairman of EURAMI’s committee on international standards for air ambulance services and his influence has led to Capital working closely with EURAMI, and playing its part in helping to define the standards for air ambulance operators across the world.

Dr Simon Forrington

Chief Medical Director

A HEMS consultant with North West Air Ambulance Service and leading figure in the UK aeromedical sector, Dr Simon Forrington is an experienced senior flight physician with a great deal of experience in the field of aviation medicine.

Simon previously served as a senior flight physician for both CAA and AMREF, and was co-designer of the standard-setting NAPSTaR course (Neonatal, Adult and Paediatric Safe Transfer and Retrieval). Gaining his first degree in Information Technology, he has a track record of combining this discipline in his work as a medical practitioner in areas such as training and resources.

Captain Malcolm Humphries

MD, Chief Pilot and Training Captain

Captain Malcolm Humphries is the Managing Director, Chief Pilot and Chief Training Captain for Capital Air Ambulance.

He has held these posts for more than twenty years and has vast experience and knowledge of air ambulance and corporate operations. Captain Humphries has over seventeen thousand hours of flying time and is both an instructor and examiner.

Lisa Humphries

Accountable Manager

Lisa Humphries holds the post of Accountable Manager and has over 30 years’ experience in aviation having previously worked for an airline.

Lisa started Capital Air Ambulance with her husband, Malcolm, more than 25 years ago. She has served on the board of the Devon Air Ambulance and is on the Executive Committee of the British Gliding Association.

Glenn Salt

Operations Manager

Glenn Salt is responsible for operations at Capital Air Ambulance, having more than twenty years’ experience in aviation, particularly worldwide air ambulance operations. Glenn has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of customer requirements together with long haul air ambulance jet experience.

Dominic Rose

Chief Flight Nurse

Dominic has worked with Capital Air Ambulance since 2012 when, at the time, he also worked as a charge nurse at the Southmead Hospital in Bristol, the third biggest intensive care unit in the UK.

He joined Capital initially as a part-time flight nurse coordinator with enormous critical care and major trauma experience. Since then he has acquired significant experience in aeromedical transport and also in the logistics, management and organization of patient transfers and retrievals. His role also includes CQC compliance management and teaching aeromedical and life support skills and competencies.

Despite this now full-time position at Capital, Dominic remains an intensive care nurse for the NHS in Bristol.